Backyard oasis in 2018

We spent 10 weekends building our 1k sf deck last summer. It’s time to enjoy it this summer☺

last year

This year

This umbrella is from Lowe’s, the color is not my favorite, I prefer the pure white better or some other  more bold color. But it really good at the price, also large and heavy weight enough for our super windy backyard.

I plant a lot flowers and veggies on deck this year. I feel very relax and enjoyable to plant on deck because I don’t need to worry about 🐸

I bought two wooden box from, I painted them by deck painting, which worked very well, it beated all water and snow since last year, no color faded at all. These are cosmos from Floret flowers, super easy annual.

Another super easy annual, Zinnia, this is the picture I just pinched them, now they look much heavier and thicker, much better.

My favorite sweet pea, love love love ❤ 💕 💗 


I also grow a lot veggies at back of sofa, they look mass at the beginning.

They grow very quick when the weather warms up, so I have to make a bamboo triller for them.


Still look not very well😂, but I believe they will look much better after they all climbed on the triller.


Baby lettuces

It’s is the other side on deck, out dining area. I don’t like furnitures indoor, because it has rooms indoor, even without furniture, we know this is dining room, this is living room, this is kitchen. At outdoor, I need to use furnitures to define the area.


And I know you want to ask what are all in the back😋. They are my succulents. They are the purpose we built this huge deck, hehe.


We cant be more happy with our deck☺️. It totally worth 10 weekends hard work


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