March Recap

What did we do in March!

Seed starting, spring prep❄️❄️❄️

It’s very warm at the end of month, so we moved out all my succulents


My 1k pink tulips are sprouting.


I bought a watering can from amazon, after I received it for couple days, I noticed Target is selling this one in their Hearth and Hand line,😤



And finally we got curtain for our baywindow angler we moved in 2 years✌, we ordered three and two sides are defected 😂, we need re order them when they have sale again.


The main pipe in our basement leaked again in Feb, so our parents opened op the blackboard wall in our kitchen, yes they cut a very very unnecessary big hole, and then they went back home… plaster is beyond my skill, so, we bought wall paper!

we considered shiplap, but this wall is too important, it has all main pipes and water pipes in, so I don’t think shiplap is a good idea. Wall paper can be removed and reusable.

We ordered the wrong patten size, wasted $45 shipping fee😭

once we started to work on it, we regretted, it’s 100 times more difficult than just paint the wall!

The general look is ok, but you won’t like to see the details.


Summer is coming, louis said he wants stay on deck and bbq everyday, so I need the prettiest grill in the world. We went to store and order this Hestan grill, first time we have an open house appointment, too rush, second time, they closed on Easter 🐣, maybe next time.


Got this spring wreath for Michael’s


And my winter job is leather working. Made hundreds of this cute cardcase 🐱


Another spring fever is the greenhouse!!! I have to build one this year, then I don’t need to move my succulents all the year around. And it’s so pretty, I need this in my life 💑

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  1. Love you post on kitchen, copied many things into mine including countertops, counter stools, fridge, etc…. Where did you get the white roman shades from?

    1. It’s balli blinds, we got it from lowe’s when they have discount, and you can combine Lowe’s coupon.